Send Negative Vaping Hype up in Smoke

Vape users are fighting for their dignity and right to indulge in the social enjoyment of smoking.  They know there is a tendency to lump them in with sociopaths whose profiles don’t match theirs at all.    In fact, a leading study showed that compared to non-users, those who partake in vaping tend to be young, well-educated and earn a higher than average income.  So if your idea of a person who vapes is one of a shadowy figure, lurking around parking lots waiting to stick up an innocent grandma to get money for a hit, think again.  Think young, upwardly mobile, employed funster who knows how to handle their high.   Far from being the sleazy guy waiting by the edge of the playground to trap your teen into a life of crime, some users fight crime on many fronts themselves.  Vape users fit a wide variety of profiles – they’re men and women you pass by every day.   Yes, you would buy a used car from one – and probably have.

vapersJust because a person enjoys clouds of vapor flavored by juices or dry herbs doesn’t mean they are trying to quit smoking or substitute the vapors for hard drugs.  They enjoy the experience on its own merits.  And many will tell you that the few moments of relaxation they receive are well worth the time and money spent.  These are the guys who love a good looking suit of clothes, shoes by the top makers and vintage style watches one can get from Fossil.  They are savvy consumers who use Groupon to save money so there’s more to give their families at the end of the month.  And they are smart consumers who educate themselves on the latest technology and advancements in the vaping world.

They know they can save substantial amounts of money when they use Groupons to make purchases.  They search the mega-site first so they can save as much as 50% of select merchandise from thousands of retailers, and get special codes and exclusive deals from makers like Fossil who offer 30% off men’s watches, great savings on back-to-school items and free shipping with qualifying orders.  Vapers generally like owning and using the top of the line equipment for their recreational use and home life.  When you think of those who vape, think better.  Think Groupon-using professional, and relax like they do.