Announcing the next big thing ‘the best pod vapes 2017’

A pod vape is a device that allows quick and easy vaping. It usually consists of a pod that is closed and filled with an e-liquid or it can be empty and filled with an e-liquid frequently. They are also supposed to be kept clean. Traditionally, smokers have been using big pod mods that cannot be carried around. They are not flexible and are very strenuous. Pod vapes are the future of vaping. They have been greatly improved in performance and design and are very simple to use. They can also be carried around in your pocket comfortably and are user-friendly. This makes them ideal for smokers. Below are the best pod vapes in 2017.

 The best pod vapes 2017.

JUUL was the first pod vape to be developed. It is the popular and the best in the market today. It has a high battery life of 200mAh and is prefilled. Even a small puff will satisfy you with this pod vape. It is also portable.

Rubi is a great pod vape which had a pod which is refillable with one ml of liquid. The best part of this vape is that you can refill the pod with any liquid of your choice. It can be used as an alternative for JUUL for those who want a liquid of their choice. It is also pleasant with an awesome performance.

This is the simplest vape pod to use. It is filled with 1.8 ml of liquid and all you have to do is turn it on before inhaling. The battery life is visible since it uses Led lights to indicate it. The pod vape is very small in size and can hence be comfortably carried around. It has flavors hence and can also contain some grams of nicotine. However, these flavors are few. Also, this pod vape is only available in two colors hence limiting if you want to explore a variety of colors.

This pod vape is closed and is pre-filled with 1.5ml of e-liquid. The high battery capacity of the pod allows over two hundred puffs before it gets exhausted. The coils used in this pod vape produce a pleasant flavor which is consistent. However, the number of flavors available is limited to four. Phix is an expensive vape pod.


This pod vape comes, with 2ml pod which are empty and have to be refilled. It has a beautiful shape of a teardrop and can be found cheaply with around $34. It is small in size hence convenient to walk around with it even with small pockets. It has a draw that is tight hence suitable for vaping from mouth to lungs. However, due to its small size, it is difficult to see the battery life mark.

If you want to buy a pod vape, I advise you to choose one of the above. This is because I consider them the best in the market after extensive analyzing and research.