6 Best Wicking Materials for E-Cigs

A lot of vape users want to know which material is the best wicking material to use for their e-cigs. In this article, I am going to compare and contrast the strength and weaknesses of the different wicking materials we have for e-cigs.

Cotton BallA lot of vape users want to know which material is the best wicking material to use for 

The cotton ball is available everywhere and you could walk into a CVS, Walgreens or whatever but specifically, you want to find the organic cotton balls because when you buy a regular cotton ball it is treated with bleach and tons of other chemicals, whereas organic cotton balls are just treated with hydrogen peroxide. That being said, whenever you buy a bag of organic cotton balls, you want to boil off the peroxide. This is very simple to do just like boiling something in your pot with water, just drop the cotton balls in and do this a couple of times say 3 or 4 times. This is a safety precaution and just to make sure that all hydrogen peroxide there is boiled out and you just have a clean cotton ball. This is probably the wicking material most people are using for their e-cigs because many people are still not up on the Japenese cotton. It works fine and it retains a decent amount of juice and it is easy to wick with.

Japanese Organic Cotton

These are amazing wicking material for e-cigs as they hold more e-liquid than the cotton balls. It doesn’t seem like it but the pads of the Japanese organic cotton are pretty porous, they are a lot thinner and are easier to pull apart than the regular cotton balls. Regular cotton balls offer resistance when you pull on it and because of that, it can’t retain so much e-liquid. However, the Japanese cotton balls pull apart so easily that when you are actually wicking through the mods. At first, it might be a pain because it keeps breaking apart but once you get used to the technique, you would see that you would not drip so often. That being said, Japanese organic cotton is the best wicking material in terms of absorption of the e-liquid.

Silica Wicks

Silica wick is cheaper, easy to use and more durable because it is more of a fiberglass material you could torch this stuff without any repercussions. So it is very good and it is fairly cheap as well. Now silica wick taste wise, you are not going to get as many problems with it because it’s silica, so it doesn’t really affect the taste but you will get a nasty taste if you don’t boil it as you would with cotton. They do not retain much juice and I am going to recommend this to starters.


Ekowool is made by a Russian company and it’s basically the same thing as the silicon wick except that it’s braided instead of twisted and that pretty much helps with the juice retention. The taste of Ekowool is cleaner and in general, it allows you to hold more juice and it even burns less incense that you know because it holds more juice and you have to drip less. It can be pretty expensive and hard to find but I still like Ekowool because they have the best taste so far.

Others are Cellucotton which is a term that means cotton texture and rayon is a semi-synthetic or semi-organic, it’s not a purely synthetic product nor is it purely considered organic it is typically always made from wood pulp. So there you have it, these are the best wicking materials for e-cigs in my opinion.

Announcing the next big thing ‘the best pod vapes 2017’

A pod vape is a device that allows quick and easy vaping. It usually consists of a pod that is closed and filled with an e-liquid or it can be empty and filled with an e-liquid frequently. They are also supposed to be kept clean. Traditionally, smokers have been using big pod mods that cannot be carried around. They are not flexible and are very strenuous. Pod vapes are the future of vaping. They have been greatly improved in performance and design and are very simple to use. They can also be carried around in your pocket comfortably and are user-friendly. This makes them ideal for smokers. Below are the best pod vapes in 2017.

 The best pod vapes 2017.

JUUL was the first pod vape to be developed. It is the popular and the best in the market today. It has a high battery life of 200mAh and is prefilled. Even a small puff will satisfy you with this pod vape. It is also portable.

Rubi is a great pod vape which had a pod which is refillable with one ml of liquid. The best part of this vape is that you can refill the pod with any liquid of your choice. It can be used as an alternative for JUUL for those who want a liquid of their choice. It is also pleasant with an awesome performance.

This is the simplest vape pod to use. It is filled with 1.8 ml of liquid and all you have to do is turn it on before inhaling. The battery life is visible since it uses Led lights to indicate it. The pod vape is very small in size and can hence be comfortably carried around. It has flavors hence and can also contain some grams of nicotine. However, these flavors are few. Also, this pod vape is only available in two colors hence limiting if you want to explore a variety of colors.

This pod vape is closed and is pre-filled with 1.5ml of e-liquid. The high battery capacity of the pod allows over two hundred puffs before it gets exhausted. The coils used in this pod vape produce a pleasant flavor which is consistent. However, the number of flavors available is limited to four. Phix is an expensive vape pod.


This pod vape comes, with 2ml pod which are empty and have to be refilled. It has a beautiful shape of a teardrop and can be found cheaply with around $34. It is small in size hence convenient to walk around with it even with small pockets. It has a draw that is tight hence suitable for vaping from mouth to lungs. However, due to its small size, it is difficult to see the battery life mark.

If you want to buy a pod vape, I advise you to choose one of the above. This is because I consider them the best in the market after extensive analyzing and research.

How to Quit Smoking with Vape

Are you looking for a way to quit smoking? If you are really serious about kicking the habit than there may be a solution for you. It is called vaping or e-cigarettes and it looks and feels just like smoking without all the negative effects. Never heard of them? An e-cigs and or vapes is a battery-operated cigarette like device that vaporizes a nicotine based solution and then releases it as white smoke. It gives you the feeling of smoking without those nasty side effects. According to The World Health Organization, vaping is a safer alternative to smoking tobacco products. If you are looking to finally say bye-bye to cigs than this is refreshing news. However, it isn’t all sugar spice because the U.S. Surgeon General has e-cigarettes (vapes) in the same category as cigarettes. If they are not cigarettes why would they label them as such? Maybe because vaping is still a new concept so there is not a lot of data on it to compare it to actual smoking. According to an article, vaping uses a liquid that contains nicotine however, since the data is inconsistent we are not sure if this dose of nicotine is comparable to that of smoking one cannot be certain that it is safer than cigs.

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Vaping with Ease – Why a Pod Mod Should Be Utilized?

For the last few years, a pod vape has become highly popular and it’s not hard to see why. With cigarettes costing a lot of money, people want a simpler way to save a little. Vaping really has taken off recently and it’s interesting to see just how far it has come. Electronic cigarettes and similar items have been around for quite a long time but it’s really just today in which it has seen record numbers using them. So, should a vaping device be utilized? Why should you consider using one of these devices today?

It Offers a Realistic Smoking Experience

To be honest, vaping really is highly popular and for most, they love the idea of how authentic the experience can be. You might not think too much about vaping and how it brings a realistic smoking experience and yet it can be important for a host of people. Using a pod mod has become quite important to say the least and since you get a more realistic smoking experience it makes people happier to use them. It might not seem overly important now but for a lot of people it really is. That is why these devices have taken off in recent years.

People can find they’re Easy To Use and they’re Comfortable with Them

Should vapor devices be used? Well, everyone will have an opinion over this but in truth, vaping has become vastly popular. Most people prefer to use vaping devices simply because they can get a simpler way to enjoy smoking and feel a lot more comfortable with them too. This is why there are now thousands choosing to vape than ever before. A pod vape can be used for a variety of reasons and they are really quite simple enough to use. You will love what they can bring and in a way, they offer a lot more.

A Pod Mod Might Help People Give up Smoking for Good

However, one of the biggest reasons as to why someone uses a pod vape or mod is so they can give up smoking. Quitting smoking takes a lot because you have cravings and sometimes the body just doesn’t want to give it up! However, by using a vaping device it might prove a lot easier to deal with such things. It’s amazing really and there are now thousands of people who are looking at vaping to help them quite. You wouldn’t think it’d be possible to give up smoking because of a mod or vape device but it can be as long as you have the determination and drive.

Vaping Made Simple

Vaping is quite a popular option for thousands worldwide and it’s very easy to see why it’s so popular today. When you vape you can get a more authentic smoking experience even though you aren’t using a traditional cigarette. What is more, you can often find it is easier to work with even when you’re trying to give up. A pod mod might be the ideal tool for a lot of people and it does have its quality points.


Send Negative Vaping Hype up in Smoke

Vape users are fighting for their dignity and right to indulge in the social enjoyment of smoking.  They know there is a tendency to lump them in with sociopaths whose profiles don’t match theirs at all.    In fact, a leading study showed that compared to non-users, those who partake in vaping tend to be young, well-educated and earn a higher than average income.  So if your idea of a person who vapes is one of a shadowy figure, lurking around parking lots waiting to stick up an innocent grandma to get money for a hit, think again.  Think young, upwardly mobile, employed funster who knows how to handle their high.   Far from being the sleazy guy waiting by the edge of the playground to trap your teen into a life of crime, some users fight crime on many fronts themselves.  Vape users fit a wide variety of profiles – they’re men and women you pass by every day.   Yes, you would buy a used car from one – and probably have.

vapersJust because a person enjoys clouds of vapor flavored by juices or dry herbs doesn’t mean they are trying to quit smoking or substitute the vapors for hard drugs.  They enjoy the experience on its own merits.  And many will tell you that the few moments of relaxation they receive are well worth the time and money spent.  These are the guys who love a good looking suit of clothes, shoes by the top makers and vintage style watches one can get from Fossil.  They are savvy consumers who use Groupon to save money so there’s more to give their families at the end of the month.  And they are smart consumers who educate themselves on the latest technology and advancements in the vaping world.

They know they can save substantial amounts of money when they use Groupons to make purchases.  They search the mega-site first so they can save as much as 50% of select merchandise from thousands of retailers, and get special codes and exclusive deals from makers like Fossil who offer 30% off men’s watches, great savings on back-to-school items and free shipping with qualifying orders.  Vapers generally like owning and using the top of the line equipment for their recreational use and home life.  When you think of those who vape, think better.  Think Groupon-using professional, and relax like they do.


Vape Pen Starter Kits and Bundle Packs for Dry Herb Enthusiasts

Who wouldn’t want the best vape pen starter kit? Vaping has become vastly popular and when you vape you can find it’s a lot more appealing, but it can be difficult to know which way to start your search. A lot of people don’t really think too much about buying starter kits as they think it’s a waste of time and that they won’t offer what they need. However, it can be a good idea to consider buying starter kits, but should you?

Should You Consider Starter Kits?

Buying a vape pen starter kit can really be the ideal solution for thousands simply because it offers everything a vapor will need. Instead of buying everything separately you can buy everything in one pack (and together) which is great. So, should you consider buying a starter kit? Well, in all honesty, yes, it can be ideal to buy one, especially when you’re just starting this and aren’t sure which avenue to explore. More people find buying a starter kit and bundle is the best way forward and it’s really quite useful for most. visit us on https://vapeanalyst.com/best-vape-mods

Can You Get Great Value With A Vapor Pen Starter Kit And Bundle?

In truth, buying vaping devices one at a time and then the e-liquid and batteries and charging appliance can often be very costly. Buying one after another can really add up and it’s not ideal even when you have a bit of money to spend; however, it can be far more cost effective to opt for a bundle or starter kit. Buying the best vape pen starter kit is important and the best thing of all is that you can get a great value kit. You can pay a little but get tremendous quality and it can last a very long time. It is very much possible to get great value with a starter kit and bundle. It’s more cost effective and better in many ways.

Getting the Most from Your Vaping

vapingFor most people, they don’t think smoking is for them and don’t often use traditional cigarettes but that is why vaping has become vastly popular. You cannot blame people for choosing this route and it’s really able to offer so much for thousands. Yes, it’s not technically giving up smoking entirely but it helps in many ways. Buying bundles or starter kits will be ideal and really something that will help in a major way too. Buying a vape pen can be easy and you can find it’s far more affordable than ever before. This is why more are vaping today. continue reading..

Get the Right Tools for Vaping

Vaping truly has become a popular avenue for millions and it can offer a lot to a lot of smoker. However, vaping is really quite unusual and it’s certainly going to appeal to a lot of younger people too. Vaping is the latest craze and it’s certainly something that brings something new to the table. Buying starter kits can be the ideal solution and one that offers so much to so many. Buying a vapor pen starter kit and bundle will be something you should consider buying today.


Pen Vaporizer Buying Guide

Pen vape is very popular today. There are now more and more buying vapor pens and vaping and it’s not hard to see why. When you vape, it’s said it’s supposed to be healthier and a lot less costly too! You cannot blame people for choosing vaping as its more appealing and really a simpler way to enjoy smoking. However, buying a new vape pen can always stump some newcomers. So, how can you buy a new vapor? Read on to find a simple buying guide.

Always Look At What Vapor Pens and Starter Kits Are Available

First and foremost, it’s wise to take a very good look at the type of vapor pens available and the starter kits. These are crucial elements to say the least and certainly something that more and more will find better value. Now, you can buy the pen alone but sometimes, it’s a lot easier and less costly to buy the starter kit as you get a lot of things for one price. At first, the cost might seem high but it’s really quite affordable in the long-term. A vapor pen should look good and there are lots of kits available. You don’t need to buy a starter kit if you don’t want, but it’s a good and nice option to consider. get additional info from https://vapeanalyst.com/best-pod-mods

Consider the Features and the Power of the Batteries on Offer

Pen vape is really a popular option but a lot of people don’t often get a good vape pen as they find the battery ruins the device. Now, battery life and how long it lasts is an important element to say the least simply because if you have to charge on a daily basis, it’ll cost more in electricity and it’ll frustrate you. It’s wise to look at the battery life and how long it lasts so that you aren’t charging every two minutes. This will make a major difference to your search and if you take a few moments to look into this, it’ll help.

Read Reviews When Buying a Vapor Pen

vapesHave you thought about reviews? Sometimes reading a few reviews can be ideal when it comes to finding the best pen vape. You can get an idea of what the kits can offer and whether it’s going to be a suitable option for you. Now, reviews can’t always tell the full picture but it can certainly help in many ways. It’s wise to take the time to read even one or two reviews so that you can understand what the pens can offer you.

Buy the Best

Vapors have become vastly popular over the last few years and it’s not hard to see why. You can get so much from these and even though there are a few pens to consider, it’s not too difficult to choose the right one. It’s wise to look at the various options available so that you find a pen that offers you what you need. A vapor pen can be an ideal solution for those quitting smoking and it’s a useful little tool.


Best Vape Pens Guide & Top Vaporizer Pens of 2017 Reviewed

Buying the best vapor pen is a must for those looking to start vaping today. However, there are quite a few options to consider and it’s necessary to find something that offers what you need and more. There are a few choices so why not take the time to get to know what they can offer you? Read on to find just a few of the top vape pens to choose from.

The V2 Pro Series 3 Vape Pen

For those who want a top quality vaporizer pen, the V2 Pro Series 3 has to be it. The device is truly one of the most popular options on the market today and even though it hasn’t been out for very long, it’s very much sought after. You can use herbs, wax, and oil with the device so it’s really useful to say the least. What’s more, it’s light and designed very nicely with a lot of quality to say the least. You are sure to enjoy using this device and it’s not overly costly either.

The Halo Tracer Twist E-Liquid Vape Pen

Another top quality option has to be the Halo Tracer Twist e-liquid device. This is truly a lovely device and its design is very simple but extremely appealing. You won’t find this to be an expensive pen though and that is really great. For most, they cannot afford costly pen so it’s nice to see this hits a suitable figure. Buying a vapor pen such as this will give you no cause for concern and it’s sure to standout for all the right reasons. The battery is strong and it offers a very simple to use interface as well which is truly ideal. What’s more, you can find the airflow control to be extremely easy to use and it’s a nice device overall.

The XEO Void Device

vaporYou don’t often see high-quality vape pens such as this, so the XEO void device is quite a treat. This vape pen isn’t as costly as you would think and it’s really quite affordable which has to be a major bonus. You don’t often see a high-quality vape pen for such a low price. It’s amazing to see how great this price really is. What’s more, you can get a high-quality vaping experience and find it works with e-liquid and ensures no leaks. The durable build is excellent and the battery life is truly high-quality too. You are going to love how great this device is and all it has to offer. Learn more from https://vapeanalyst.com/best-e-juices

Vaping with Ease

There is truly a lot of amazing vape pens to use and they can all offer something unique. Getting a high-quality vaping experience is a must as it’s the whole point of using them. However, it’s good to know a few of the top options to consider so that you find something that offers what you need and more. There has never been a better time to buy a vaporizer pen.